Thank Tank Creative

Thank Tank Creative is a design, consulting, and marketing firm that consists entirely of ethical vegans. They do amazing work (including our awesome logo!) and they donate eight percent of their profits to socially-just, environmentally-conscious, and/or vegan not-for-profit organizations. We loved working with them and we're sure you will, too.

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Just one of the many blissful (and handsome!) residents of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Just one of the many blissful (and handsome!) residents of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Willow, New York is one of our favorite places on Earth. The people are wonderful, the property is beautiful, and spending time with the animals is one of the most life-affirming things that anyone can do.  They also have a lovely bed and breakfast, at which a delicious vegan breakfast is prepared and served, after which one may cuddle with a goat. Many of the photos on this site were taken at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and we are very grateful to the incredibly photogenic residents for their good looks and delightful dispositions.


Sasha's Mission Animal Rescue

Sasha's Mission is a wonderful, no-kill rescue organization based in New York City and which does amazing work for animals who have been displaced by natural disasters, neglected, abused, or otherwise put in peril. They rehabilitate, rescue, and locate foster and permanent homes for all kinds of animals.


collectively free

Collectively Free is an activist community that works toward the abolishment of the exploitation and consumption of non-human animals through highly creative and non-violent actions, toward changing the culture of speciesism and other oppressions, and toward uniting the vegan and activist communities.


Compassion works international

CWI is a not-for-profit animal rights organization that provides the assistance needed to bring hope to animals. They believe that by implementing professional, strategic actions within our communities, every one of us can be a beacon of light that spreads awareness about the pain and suffering that occurs inside the tanks, under the big tops, within the racetracks, and behind the shuttered doors of factory farms and medical testing facilities.